Most of the times, people are afraid to start their own business because they thing that their ideas are not that great. After all we listened all the times the same things about big entrepreneurs: “steve Jobs had a brilliant idea with the Apple II and the iPhone” “I’ll never be like Elon Musk. I’m not that cleaver” and goes on and on.

First mistake is thinking that you are not capable of extraordinary things. In his book “The Icarus Deception”,  Seth Godin said: “The world is filled with ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.  Super heroes are not real. They are people like you. So stop to thing small.

Second mistakes is thinking that this ideas are completely new. When the Apple II was released, other people were doing the same thing, some of then much ???, but nome of then putted some much energy and willingness to do like Jobs and Wozniak. They executed much better than everyone else.

Elon musk didn’t invented payment methods. Neither the electric car. Banks and other companies are doing this for centuries and the first production electric car was already real in the 90’. What he actually did? Executed better than anybody. Better than his pairs who tried the same thing at the same time.

Ideas are in the air. Everybody have a lot of then all the time. How many time did you hear: “I had this idea before” or “I could done that!”? After something is successful , it’s easy to say those things. But why people didn’t do before? A small group actually try, but a handful seek excellent execution.

Execution matters because is what make something real. When people interact with your idea. Paper and sheets accept anything. Market don’t. Market is “quite ”little” demanding. We all want a product/service that resolves a problem. This is the key.  Solving people problems.

You may have the greatest idea in the whole world. An idea that nobody thought before. But have to be practical and solve a real problem. We all have a lot of problems. We want solutions. Why Netflix is winning the game against the cable companies? It’s simple. Resolve the same problem but in a much better way. First problem that Netflix resolve is give the power to the user to watch what he/she wants when he/she wants. The other one is the relationship. What do you thing that is easier? Cancel Netflix or cable?

Your company must deliver a solution, not a problem. That’s why execution matter. Nubank, a fintech form Brazil, if you think it through, still a bank. The “brilliant idea” was to execute 1000 better than what other companies were doing. The same thing apply to Uber, Netflix, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, Starbucks and it goes on and on. All this companies have one thing in common: execute better than theirs competitors.

That’s why you should not focus on have the perfect idea to start a business. Find a problem that you face everyday and execute the closest to perfection that you can. It’s not about who has more money now. The world is about the better execution. That’s it!