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Hiring people


Companies are made of people. Sometimes we forget this. Our tendency is to focus in services and products but excluding thinking about what really makes a company a success or a failure. Getting the right people is the center of every successfully company. If this is not one the most discussed subjects between the leadership. Into the Top 3 for sure.

Here we’re not that different. Finding the best people is not an easy task and we believe success is part of the selection process. It’s a waste of energy trying to make a person adapt to the company.

Our process is basically divided in 3 parts: Resumé, technical test and interview.

The first step is let the world know what we’re looking for when it comes to a new member for our team. We announce in our social profiles and technical groups that we are hiring new people. After a few bad experiences, we stop using job websites. Most people don’t fit into our profile. We want people who loves technology, who are curious, with high self-esteem, knows how to conceptually program and fit our culture. We don’t want someone who only is an IT expert. We want much more!

After the resumé review, we ask the candidate about their salary requirements and that is when we analyze if he is compatible with our reality. We don’t look for someone with 2 or 10 years of experieence. We just want amazing people not matter the experience.

People with value face in this phase a technical test. It’s never about a challenge we face with our clients, but some fictional scenario created by us. Objectives? Notice if the experience matches the coding knowledge (or other function, if is the case). We never put any restrictions about how the technology is used or how to solve the problem. We also evaluated if the candidate has a proactive posture into solving/thinking other problems that wasn’t into the task.

Our focus is not about solving logic or algorithm problems because there are people specialized in this kind of task but they are not able to solve everyday problems. This element help us to eliminate the lazy ones too. After all, if someone is not motivated to do some effort, this is not the type of person we want in our team.

At last, the interview. There is 02 objectives in this phase. 1 – Understand how the person solve the technical test
(this help us to affirm if he/she really did it) and 2 – how empathetic the person is. We believe a lot in the human side of the business. Based on this our focus is to find people we would love to work with, not only the best technicians.

To put up in numbers, the average of resumés we receive is 93, we talk about salary with 71, 20 of those do the technical test, 8 do the interview and we hire 2.

Other companies do it in different ways. A lot of interviews with managers, a lot of tests, etc. We live to do it in these 3 steps. Until now this shows to be efficient. We have an excellent team with few turnouts, but let’s talk about this in another post.

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